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We are SO Grateful!

Like so many other non-profits or charitable organizations, Laramie Connections gives the annual end of year opportunity for supporters to give in the closing days of the calendar year. For us, we attempt each year to connect those potential gifts to a specific project or mission.

This year, same as last, we promoted the huge need that we have to support the operations of our much needed (and utilized) part-time drivers. These drivers support the ever growing services met by our Free Non-Emergent Medical & Lifestyle Transportation Gap Service ( . To emphasize this need it's important to point out that we were amazed to be able to help provide over 3,000 rides in 2023 (nearly 250 of those were out of town)! These part-time drivers are a critical part of that accomplishment on behalf of those in our community that are challenged by limited access to free, safe and reliable transportation.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped us raise just over $11,000 towards our campaign goal! This is AWESOME! Although we were short of our goal...these funds will launch us into the new year of service to others. We know that the overall goal is reachable and we are committed to providing a consistent and great service. If you know Laramie Connections at all, you know that we believe that God is our ultimate provision and we are so proud to partner with our great community to meet the mission He has given us...together.

THANK YOU AGAIN to all of our amazing donors and partners in reaching our community!

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