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Can you Believe This New Ride?

Can you say "WOW"?!

Well I can! That's exactly what I said when Ian Roberts, general manager of Toyota of Laramie (and a great friend), pulled into the back lot of our shop off Skyline Road in late December! A 2010 Honda Odyssey Handicap Accessible Mini-Van!

He told me that it had come in as a trade-in (with only 34K miles, too!) and as he met with his sales team they determined together that they would rather see it put to immediate use for our community than have it possibly sit on the lot indefinitely. As a result, Ian suggested that it be added to the very maxed-out 'fleet' of similarly storied vehicles of Laramie Connections!

As we stood for a moment, I was without words, but full of joy. I wish all of my friends could feel that deep minute of gratitude coupled with the humble pride of having a service to others so validated.

Thank you, Ian. Thank you, Team Toyota and thank you, Lord for the journey and mission you have given us...together.

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