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Pursuing Paid Drivers

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

During our recent Giving Tuesday campaign called “Sponsor a Driver” there was the question of

“Why do you need to hire drivers? Don’t you primarily use volunteers to provide the rides?”

And what a great question that is…

Since January of 2020 we have prided ourselves in being able to promote the spirit of volunteerism while meeting the huge need of non-emergent and lifestyle transportation. Those volunteers have done such an amazing job within the system that’s been created. The issue is that the need for this type of transportation has grown as well as the thriving relationships with our community partners who utilize the service for their clientele. It’s grown to the point that it deserves us being able to offer the greater consistency of scheduling and the broader scope of service both in hours of operation and distance we will cover.

We are often slightly delayed in being able to confirm our services while we solidify the schedule of our volunteers. We fully intend to continue utilizing and growing our pool of volunteers, while adding two paid drivers in 2023 to serve the more last minute and on call requests. In addition, the need for appointments out of town {Cheyenne, Ft Collins, Loveland} has grown to the reality of ride requests nearly every weekday.

Our hope and intent is to raise the funds to

support two part time paid drivers for two days a week. This would equate to approximately $150 per day or $1200 per month. We are very open to feedback and creative ways of generating this type of support.

We are very blessed to be able to serve Laramie/Albany County in such a way. We believe that God has uniquely placed Laramie Connections to offer hope and peace of mind to those in need around us. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

Questions/Comments? Email us at: info

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