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There's a New Way to Connect

Do you ever wonder how to find a deeper connection to the story of the story of your your your own story? Where does your story begin? We believe that our loves are intended to be shared. That's what Jesus did...He shared His story of compassion, community and connection with everyone He came into contact with.

That's what we want to encourage...

Your connection with Jesus matters. It will change your life and re-write your story. You may not believe you have much of a story to tell, but we think otherwise. All of our journeys are unique, because God created us all unique. Laramie Connections is determined and dedicated to making deeper connections with our community and helping others recognize God's compassion on them no mater what their story has been up to this point.

Your story matters...please come share it with us...

happiness comes from sharing life together

#connection #happiness

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