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The Connections Mission

Many people ask...what's your mission...what's your vision??? Here's how I respond...

As a faith based non-profit here in is our intent to:

Facilitate the spirit of volunteering, champion the cause of great helping organizations and fill in the gaps of needed service throughout our community.

So what does that mean? It means that we believe there are a lot of great services being provided by incredible professional organizations in town. We believe it is our privilege to represent those amazing groups, expose the real needs they serve and find ways to support them in all they do. In that process we want to encourage people to get involved by giving of their time, talents and resources. And when necessary, we will come along side these friends of ours and help fill in the gaps of service when they arise.

If that sounds like a mission or a vision, there ya have good!

Do you have any comments, questions or ideas? Let us know!

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