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Giving Rides and Taking Names!

As usual, Connections Center is looking to fill in the gaps of existing services in town. Most recently we have discovered that here is a HUGE gap and need for medical and lifestyle transportation in our community. ENTER CONNECTIONS!

With the recent donation of our 12 passenger van (thank you, Hilton Gardens), we have partnered with the Downtown Clinic, Laramie Interfaith, Ivinson Medical Group and others to help provide the needed rides for these clients and individuals as they arise.

So far we have been able to serve people in need of rides from Laramie to Downtown, to Cheyenne, Ft Collins and even Denver. These individuals would have otherwise been forced to pay high rates for transportation or not made it to their appointments at all. We are hopeful in the future to also move into handicap transportation...keep watching...we are On the Move!

Want to read more? Check out this amazing Laramie Boomerang article by our friend Eve Newman....

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