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Better Together

We are here for you! We want to serve you and everyone around us, finding needs in the community and filling in that gap making connections, and with compassion like Jesus. We are a faith-based non-profit where everything we offer for you is at no cost. We partner with community organizations in Laramie to offer complimenting gap services and volunteer resourcing in order to help champion their causes together in our community.

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We offer a free hot meal on Sunday evenings followed by life conversations, rides to get groceries or to a doctor's appointment, we are here for you. Check out all of our events on our calendar for opportunities for us to serve one another . . . together.
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Our Mission

It is our intent to facilitate the spirit of volunteering, expose existing needs, champion the cause of others and fill in the gaps when and where needed in order to make Laramie a better place to live, to serve and to thrive!

What We Value

Faith Foundation

At our core, we are motivated and compelled to serve the way we do by the example of how Jesus Christ loved others and changed the world.


If a person has access to transportation, we believe they have access to a fuller more meaningful life. It's our privilege to provide that service.


When a need in our community is exposed, it is usually with a varied level of intensity and urgency. As a result, our response to adequately serve that need requires flexibility.


It is through intentional and strategic partnering that we succeed as a community. We do not exist without the influence and support of our amazing partners.


We have all benefitted from the regard and care of someone in our life. We get to pay that forward as we extend care for those who may not receive it elsewhere.

The Mess

It is important to see people where they are. In order to offer them hope, we must be willing to come along side them in their journey, even if its messy.